Race Report: Bulldog Rump AMBC XC

By: 3 Chilean Llamas and 1 Peruvian Newt.

Jordan takes the win, with Matt in 4th!

A staple on the Mid-Atlantic race calendar for the past 15 years, the Bulldog Rump in Andover, NJ is a great representation of fast, fun, east-coast riding.  It's not too technical, but just enough.  It doesn't climb a ton, but just enough to make a difference.  It's got plenty of places to pass and sort things out, which is always a good thing in a race.  It truly is an overall great race course, and is why it draws such a great crowd year-after-year.

Lining up to start, one would think that the pro field would be a little thin, due to a Super Series race happening the same day, but you'd be wrong!  Strong riders such as Dave Weaver (Alan), Maurice Gamanho (MtbNJ.com), Ray Adams (PAValleys.com), and Mike Montalbano (Dark Horse) all showed up to keep the boys in blue in check on the day.  The race started FAST, with Ray Adams leading things out with Weaver, Maurice, and Jordan K in tow.  After some sorting out, Dave and Maurice took off, with Jordan catching on shortly after.  Quickly, Jordan went to the front and set a solid pace that slowly shed Maurice and Weaver over the course of the rest of the lap and the beginning of the second lap, leaving him out front on a solo ride.

This pretty much sums up how everyone felt after a hot day of racing.

Meanwhile, Matt was riding smooth and getting stronger as the race progressed, catching riders as they faded to make it up to 3rd at the race's mid-point.  After fighting it out with Montalbano for a bit, he was forced to concede as the heat was taking it's toll, but he continued rolling strong, holding onto 4th.  Jordan rolled in for the win, holding his gap over a surging Montalbano and happy to have a win under his belt for the season.

Another great race for the team, with more to come!  Thanks again to all our sponsors and supporters!  And to think, it's only July.......


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