Root 66 New England season opener

It a New England superstition that if you race Hop Brook Dam Root 66#1 and have a bad race, your in for a rough season...maybe its not a New England superstition but it seems like the years I have bad races there it comes true. Luckily for me i had a pretty good race taking the win by a comfortable margin. Having not raced much at all except for the Pro XCT #1 in Texas in the beginning of March I had no idea of where my fitness would be. The weird thing is that I really haven't had a ton of time to ride this winter due to school, but something is clicking because I feel really strong. Anyways there really isn't much of a report to report. I knew that I needed to get the whole shot because the first section of woods is tight and would cause some discombobulation sacrificing precious energy to get back up to the leader if you have to get off and hoof it. So I nailed the hole shot and just set into a tempo effort and after a few minutes I realized that I had a sizable margin. So I couldn't help to think maybe I went out to hard but no sense slowing down, there's no better way to test yourself than in a non-Pro XCT level race. I didn't blow up and the race gave me some confidence that i'm on track to have a good remainder of the season.

The race course is a fun one. A mix of fast double track, steep climbs, and some technical sections. A perfect race to test the fitness without struggling with gnarly rock sections. The Promoters Chris and Jill Logan really do a great job of keeping the series running smoothly and a big thanks to them for keeping the premier New England race series going for 2012!!

If you want to see some interviews and race footage check out : http://bigbikesmedia.cyclingdirt.org/coverage/248638-Root-66-1-Hop-Brook-Dam

So i hope to keep this good feeling rolling through 2012. So far so good!!!



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